God's Power to Resurrect Lost Dreams

April 12, 2022
Personal Growth

A Holy Tuesday Devotional

The year 2020 was a year of many losses. Our lives weren’t just put on hold, but in the span of the last two years, we have also seen our plans changed, and our hopes and dreams shattered.

What was it for you? What were you hoping for the past two years that you had to let go of? What were the dreams, opportunities, and plans that you lost?

I’ve had my fair share of lost dreams and hopes. And you know, when I was placed in a situation where a dream I had was lost, one of my dear friends put for me in words what I had been searching in my heart to answer. Why was my soul greatly downcast in losing a dream? Hearing her say these words was difficult yet confirming. She assured me, “Fiona, you just experienced a loss of a dream. A death of a great opportunity. It’s okay if you feel like grieving.”

When high hopes become dead-ends, when opportunities are lost, when chances are no more, when something that makes you come alive is taken away from you—it’s natural to experience this profound sense of loss. And what I’ve learned through the process is that it is absolutely fine to come honest to God with our grieving hearts.

This actually reminds me of a story in John 11, when Mary and Martha lost their brother Lazarus. Mary and Martha were hoping Jesus would come to heal their sick brother. But Jesus didn’t come when they expected him to come. They had lost their brother, but I could imagine through that loss, how some of their hopes and dreams were also shattered.

When Jesus came, Lazarus had already been in the tomb for four days. When Martha heard that Jesus was coming, Martha came to him with a grieving heart. John 11:21-22 captures the words that Martha told Jesus, she said,

“My Lord, if only you had come sooner, my brother wouldn’t have died. But I know that if you were to ask God for anything, he would do it for you.”

I love the rawness of Martha’s faith here. She was honest to tell Jesus of her grievances, of what she hoped and imagined would have happened instead.

Think about that for yourself, for your situation. The pandemic has robbed us off of our plans, of our dreams, of different opportunities. I’m sure you also have your “if only’s” like Martha.

Lord, if only you had come through for my situation, I would’ve been in a better place right now. If only the pandemic didn’t happen, I would’ve gotten my dream job. If only life weren’t put on hold, I would’ve probably been married by now, or I would’ve probably had kids, or started a business.

What was it that you were hoping and imagining would’ve happened instead?

After Martha told Jesus her honest thoughts, she didn’t stop but she went on to say, “But Lord, I know that if you were to ask God for anything, he would do it for you.”

Martha was honest with Jesus about her grievances, but Martha still put her faith in God and believed that Jesus can do something—even if it wasn’t exactly in the way she imagined. Sometimes, in the midst of us watching our dreams being shattered, don’t you also wish God came through and showed His power? But I think sometimes God knows better than to save our situation right away. Like Lazarus succumbing to death and Martha hoping Jesus had come sooner to bring healing, Jesus knew something else.

He came not to heal; He came to bring Lazarus back to life. If Jesus came the way Mary and Martha had expected him to come, this story would’ve been just another healing miracle. But instead Jesus showed up in the appointed time so He could show, not just His healing power, but also His resurrection power.

What do we do with our lost dreams? Our hopes deferred? Our broken faith? Our plans that have succumbed to death?

May I invite us to do what Martha did? In the midst of our grief, of lost plans and dreams, we trust God to do His work still. We trust His appointed time to come through for us. We trust His resurrection power.

Seth Trimmer, one of our pastors in Every Nation, said it so perfectly in one of his sermons, he said,

“You know what our faith is? It is a resurrection faith. It is not faith when there is nothing dead that needs to be made alive. Faith is when you admit there is something dead and you need God to make it alive.”

While we scratch our heads and wonder why God didn’t come through the way we expected Him to come, He shows up and does unimaginably more by making available for us and in us the same power that resurrected Jesus from the dead. Whether that is a dream, a calling, an opportunity that seems dead at the moment, I hope you see that it is not the end—but rather a platform that sets you up to witness first-hand the power of our resurrection faith.

It may not come sooner than you expect, but I know that if you were to ask God for anything according to His will, He would do it for you.

Prepare to be amazed and watch God bring what is dead back to life.


What opportunities and dreams have you lost the past two years? What plans were derailed? What has God revealed to you about His resurrection power over lost dreams and plans?

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