An Important Consideration in Looking for a Job

Personal Growth

How do I decide where I am going to work?

How long am I going to work there? 

What will I do with my life? 

Do we simply pursue our passions or do we decide based on needs? 

These are questions we all have to answer at some point. And sometimes, again and again. 

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that job stability is a myth. And I think even beyond the pandemic, we will make decisions about our jobs differently, based on what we have been through. 

You've probably heard of the sweet spot—the combination of passion, skills, and income generation. It's said that you need to find a job that ticks all the boxes. Yes, that is true. 

You've also probably heard of the great resignation of 2020–2021, and it's honestly carrying over into 2022. I know of many friends changing fields, jobs, and work setups. 

While you need to decide on what works best for you, work is not just for yourself. It is not just about you. 

Work is about adding value to people. There's no job best done in isolation, and there's no job satisfaction without empathy and kindness, charity and love. 

The decision on where to work, on enduring through difficult times, on growing in the job should not be solely based on money or the hope of success. 

Work becomes meaningful and life-giving when we add value to people—to the team, to the people we serve, and to the kingdom of God. 

Teachers endure decades of underemployment and being underpaid because of the generations that grow in their care. Farmers plow through the hardship to give sustenance to the rest of the world. Healthcare workers give of themselves even when they have nothing left to give, to save as many lives as they can. Many others serve nobly because they know what they do is not just for themselves.  

Many times, we are myopic. We think of “what I like to do,” “what matters to me,” “where I should be by now,” “how much I should be making.” While we cannot dismiss these concerns, we cannot stop with them. 

Longevity in the workplace requires patience, endurance, and unconditional love—looking beyond ourselves and seeing how we can be there for people. 

Seeking to love others—even those most difficult to love—is exemplified by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He washed the feet of the man who would soon betray Him, He gave of Himself again and again to the point of death, and He knew He came to seek and save the lost. 

Whether our work is structured or free flowing, something new or what we are already good at, having a relaxed environment or a stressful one, work is something we ought to be grateful for. It is a blessing from God, and it is our worship unto Him. He supplies the grace to change, the provision for our daily needs, the ability to grow, and the relationships we need.

Varsha Daswani writes and edits materials for Every Nation Philippines. She loves to pen her thoughts, mostly for personal consumption and for sharing with family and friends. In the pandemic, with more time on her hands, she started two small businesses, and she is always looking for new adventures.

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